Body suit of favorite things, in progress..
Portrait of best friend.
a tattoo of the client's niece
Vincent Price
Evil Dead II
Gemini twins
Howler monkey
for the game.
Painted Japanese interpretation, Client's rendering as a tattoo.
Zombie~corn with rainbow
Album cover
Princess Mononoke, film based image.
animation characters
Birds and a cage.
A dead man's art on his friend.
Mrs. Frisby from 'The secret of NIMH' an animated adaptation of 'The Rats of NIMH'
One of my paintings.
Half back
Binky pinky
Tattooed boar skull.
Dissected Gremlin. Not my original design.
Transitioning Gremlin
Bloody Mighty Mouse.
In progress.. Lots of color soon.
Scar cover up. Sketched on, then made into a cool tattoodle.
Tribal cover up.
Close up of a foot tattoo.
R2D2 cover up detail.
Cover up in progress.
Healed over a year
Back piece progress
Background progress on a cover up
Progress on a leg sleeve
Rework of an old tattoo
Oldie but goodie. Did the lines one year exactly before the shading. But the design was accomplished regardless.
Peruvian/Incan warrior. This woman has been to all of the continents except Antarctica!
Healed leg sleeve. In progress
Fresh progress on a sleeve of favorite things..
Cover up.. Good bye dolphin with sunset.
Healed backpiece.
In progress Hawaii leg
In progress
Work in progress

Updated 5/05/13

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